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Originally published on Jerome Shore | The Coaching Clinic

Today is the Present – Take Advantage

Today, I heard a few minutes of a press conference with Doug Pederson, the coach of the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles. Reporters were interested in noisy newsy stuff. His answer to almost every question was something like “I have no comment about yesterday, my goal for today is to… Read more

Great Wines Charity Gala

ZSA and Access Pro Bono invite you to attend the first annual Great Wines Charity Gala! Join us at Steamworks in Vancouver on October 3 for a unique wine tasting and auction experience to raise funds in support of Access Pro Bono. Excellent wine, good company, food, refreshments, and music… Read more

Originally published on Jerome Shore | The Coaching Clinic

How to Make Better Decisions | Jerome Shore

Last week I had breakfast with a friend who is looking for a new job. He had received an offer which he thought was a low opening bid to which he countered with a more generous deal and a detailed rationale. Based on our combined experience on both sides of… Read more

Originally published on Jerome Shore | The Coaching Clinic

Lunch Works | Jerome Shore

It’s my life mission to help lawyers make more money or at least to have more satisfaction in their work. My number one idea is to cultivate existing relationships. The wins could be fee based work, referrals to prospects, introductions to new contacts, better relationships up, down and sideways at… Read more

Originally published on Jerome Shore | The Coaching Clinic

Three and a Half Simple Steps to Being a Pro Quality Coach | Jerome Shore

Partners and GCs are not only lawyers. They also coach in many situations. There are partners growing associates, GCs nurturing staff lawyers, lawyers as managers coaching assistants, lawyers as parents helping their children survive and thrive. Coaching can be easy or hard depending on how much rapport you have with… Read more

Originally published on Jerome Shore | The Coaching Clinic

Yet Another Time Management System that Works | Jerome Shore

Many lawyers have told me about the difficulties they have managing their time given all of their competing priorities. Recently a partner related the difficulties of doing it all; practice, billing, managing, teaching and balancing their lives. The general problem applies to any executive who is busy whether they control… Read more

Originally published on The Lawyer's Daily

Timing, body language, eye contact key to acing your interview | Warren Bongard

I am often asked what the appropriate protocols are after you’ve interviewed for a new position. While my career focuses on the lawyer market, one would be hard-pressed to argue that these tips don’t apply across the board. Believe it or not, the post interview begins around minute five of… Read more