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Originally published on Highlights

Stress Hardy Transition – By: Jerome Shore

When humans face stressful circumstances their automatic reaction is to become  conservative and use solutions that worked in the past. This is one instinct that worked in prehistoric times when ‘do or die’ was a regular occurrence. There wasn’t time to be creative while fleeing a tiger or some such.… Read more

Trends in the Legal Market across Canada

The legal market in Canada is constantly evolving, but thankfully ZSA is here to help. We sat down with some of our consultants to learn more about recent trends in the legal market in order to better help job-seekers navigate the changing landscape. Toronto One of the most evident trends… Read more

To Specialize or Not To Specialize

Whether to specialize in a particular area of law is a nagging question for many young lawyers just starting their careers. In order to make an informed decision, candidates may wish to consider the following questions: Can I gain a competitive edge in today’s job market by specializing in a… Read more

From Big Law to Boutique?

Whether to leave a big national shop for a boutique is a tough career decision and requires serious consideration. When making such a decision, candidates often have many questions, such as: what are the main differences between working for a large and a boutique firm? When is the right time… Read more

Everything You Need to Know to Handle Job Offers

Congratulations, you’ve finally got your ticket out! So what’s next? Accepting an offer right away seems to be the easiest thing. But what if you want to negotiate the offer? How do you choose between multiple offers? How do you gracefully decline an offer? This week, our consultants will provide… Read more

Tips to Hack Your Job Search

Searching for a new job can be a challenging and draining experience. But don’t get stressed out! At ZSA, our consultants have some tips to share with you to make your search a bit easier and help you land your dream job faster. 1.     Is it the right time to… Read more