For Candidates - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use a recruiter?
Recruiters screen opportunities for you so you can find the right job easier and faster. We provide you with the right job opportunities and help you negotiate your future compensation package and other criteria important to you. Our consultants are your professional allies and provide you with information on organizations/firms culture that you would not have access to otherwise. We will prepare you to ensure maximum performance during the interview, which will allow you to better focus on your day to day job. In short, we are your agents and at no cost!

2. Do I have to pay for using ZSA services?
No, it is entirely free! ZSA does not charge candidates for services provided.

3. My current employer is not aware that I am looking for a new job. How does ZSA ensure the complete confidentiality of my job search?
At ZSA, confidentiality is the golden rule. We understand the importance of protecting your personal information. As such, ZSA will not forward your CV or any information that would allow a third party to identify you without your permission. Simply, you are in charge! We make the suggestion and you make the judgment call on whether you want to move forward or not. For further information, please refer to ZSA’s Privacy Policy.

4. How can I register with ZSA?
You can apply online on our website or send an email directly to one of our consultants in your area. Our consultant will review your application and notify you if we can or cannot be of assistance. Every applicant will be notified and selected candidates will subsequently be interviewed by one of our consultants.

5. How does the process work?
You will be interviewed by one of our consultants so that we can assess your career goals, salary expectations and reasons for considering a move. Whether you are looking for contract and/or permanent work, we will ensure that we match you with the appropriate position. Once you have decided on a particular position, we act as your agent to put together a beneficial offer for you.

6. I am a junior candidate with only one year of working experience. Can ZSA can help me?
Typically, recruitment agencies are engaged by their clients to find candidates with at least 1 full year of post-secondary or post-graduate work experience. Employers contact us to find candidates that are hard to find and have already developed a specific set of expertise. Make no mistake, this does not mean there are no suitable positions out there for you. Simply, ZSA may not be the best resource for you at the early stage of your career. Either way, we will help you at a later date and for the remainder of your career. Please note that occasionally we receive more junior level roles or temporary placement opportunities that may be suitable for someone with minimal working experience. Please contact one of our consultants for more information.

7. Will I be assigned to one consultant?
Yes. Upon submitting your CV, ZSA will assign you to a consultant in your area who is best suited to address your needs. Whether or not you choose to accept a position in another city, your designated consultant will be available to assist you throughout the entire recruitment process.

8. Where can I find all of the ZSA job opportunities?
The ZSA website is the only place where you find all of our job vacancies. ZSA has even made it possible to receive all new job notifications matching your search criteria via email.  Sign up now!

9. I received my post-secondary or post-graduate education outside of Canada. Can ZSA help me?
It depends on your background and level of experience. It is important that you notify your consultant about your relevant work experience in your application so that they can better assist you. We strongly recommend you visit the Federation of Law Societies of Canada; the Chartered Accountants of Canada page; or the applicable provincial institute CA, CPA, CMA, or CGA websites for further information.

10. Following my meeting with a ZSA consultant, how long will it take to find a new job?
This perfect match can happen in the space of a few days or sometimes a few months. Unfortunately, ZSA cannot provide a specific time period, as it all depends on the particular opportunities that exist and on our clients recruitment process. It is important for ZSA to match the expertise of the candidate and the job requirements, as well as the company’s values and candidates’ – that way, everyone wins. Once you register with us, we know to contact you the moment the right opportunity arises!

11. Is it necessary for Quebec residents to submit a bilingual resume (French & English)?
No, you can write a unilingual resume in either French or English. In some rare cases, a bilingual resume is required and we will notify you if necessary.

12. Should I submit a cover letter in addition to my resume?
When you submit your application to ZSA, please forward us your CV only. Please note that for junior professionals, particularly for law firm positions, transcripts may be required.

13. If I  am already a candidate and would like to apply on a position posted by ZSA, should I re-submit my resume?
There is no need to resubmit your resume if you are already registered with us. Please contact your consultant, stating the reference number of the job that has piqued your interest.

14. I have a disability. How will I be accommodated?
ZSA will accommodate persons with disabilities in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and in accordance with the Human Rights Code. Accommodation for applicants with disabilities will be provided at each stage of the recruitment process. If you have a disability and require accommodation to complete the application form, please contact us at In addition, if you are invited to participate in the testing and/or interview stages, you will be asked whether you require special accommodation. Please notify us of your requirements at the time of your invitation to participate in the testing.