Gestionnaire, ressources humaines et évènementiel

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Cherice Drummond

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Cherice joined ZSA in June 2022 as a Recruitment Coordinator. She was responsible for providing administrative support directly to the CEO. She excelled quickly and was promoted to the role of HR & Events Manager. She now supports the National Manager of Programming and Events; Director of Legal and the Director of HR and Legal Counsel. She manages vacation and sick days, benefits and aids in planning the prestigious CGCA, WCGCA, PCJQ, Quorum Club and  internal events such as professional development activities and team bonding gatherings.

Prior to joining ZSA, Cherice was an Administrative Assistant for a hospital, performing exceptional assistance to upper management, doctors and patients and arranging everyday office management support. Cherice has a strong background in administrative support and is working on her studies in social work. She hopes in the future to continue on in human resources.

In her spare time, Cherice enjoys spending time baking, planning gatherings and traveling to new countries.