#JobInterviews: Common Feedback from Employers that You Should Know!

#JobInterviews: Common Feedback from Employers that You Should Know!

1 March, 2016

“Much of what employers are looking for in an interview is whether or not you’ll be a fit with their firm or organization,” observes Mike Aujla, Partner at ZSA. Orit Sinai, ZSA’s Director, HR & Legal, agrees with Aujla and tells us that “The first thing an employer will consider from the moment you step into the interview room is ‘if we hire this candidate, will they fit into and flourish in the existing workplace?’ This question is imperative as it can help determine the individual’s future performance, potential workplace conflict and the organization’s overall retention rate.”

From his 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, ZSA’s President, Warren Bongard explains that “Successful candidates will have impactful interviews by being good listeners and presenting with authenticity and good eye contact.” It should go without saying, but negativity should be avoided at all costs, including any comments made in reference to your current employer. Bongard asserts that many of ZSA’s clients have rejected candidates because they “cut the person off, rolled their eyes, or perhaps put down their own employer.” 

Beyond fitting in with a particular culture and engaging with your interviewer, candidates who have prepped for the interview undoubtedly stand out from those who haven’t. Lana Driscoll, Senior Consultant at ZSA says that “Candidates who shine in an interview are prepared. They have done their research and are able to clearly discuss why they are interested in the opportunity and how their skillset would be an asset. They are eager and, above all, positive when discussing past employment.” Successful candidates continuously demonstrate a deep interest in joining that company.

One aspect of any job interview that is bound to get sticky, if you’re not careful, is salary. Bongard explains that “You shouldn’t make the move about money, as that usually takes care of itself. Try not to raise the topic, and be highly diplomatic when discussing it, without showing your cards.” To that end, you should always be prepared to speak to it. Aujla adds that you should “be prepared with some numbers in mind – even in the first interview – because you never know when it will come up.”


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