6 Things You Need to Lead Through Change

6 Things You Need to Lead Through Change

2 February, 2023

ZSA_6 Things You Need to Lead Through Change
Article by Vivo Team.

Do you have what it takes to lead your team through change? Staying connected and fostering open communication within the context of the 6 key indicators of highly functioning teams is essential. Leading well-adjusted, high-performing teams is crucial to keeping your business moving forward.

First, let’s review the 6 key indicators of highly functioning teams: communication, structures, cohesion, emotional intelligence, accountability, and interactive feedback. So, in the context of a workplace environment, what does this look like? What actionable behaviors does it involve for you, as a leader?

Communicating and connecting with my dispersed team.

Communicating to connect–messaging clearly and succinctly–sharing the truth, the facts, and predicting for 30-60-90 days out. Repeat, repeat, repeat. We all love a good “win”–big or small. Report on the successes you see–those you have, and others that you notice. Consider establishing a #victory or #win channel within your organization’s internal communication system dedicated to sharing successes. This, in turn, promotes ongoing communication, connection, and transparency among coworkers, colleagues, and team members.

Structuring my day to connect with teams and projects.

Create simple and effective structures within your organization, such as a D.O.S.E. (direct, ongoing, swift, encounter). This style of meeting is designed to keep everyone within your organization in the loop. The tactical, 10-12 minute connect is designed to share information, clarify stuck points, celebrate wins, and clarify priorities. Try this bi-weekly to start, and revisit frequency if necessary.

Staying cohesive and paying attention to individual contributors.

Staying cohesive. Teams have become lean, we know. It’s important to make sure role shifts and changes are clearly outlined. With change often comes confusion. Knowing who does what and making it clear that asking questions is not a career-limiting move is essential to team cohesion and organizational success. Learn and understand who is here for the job and know who is here for their career; establish the silent quitters. Stay connected, listen, and engage. 

Coping using emotional intelligence.

Be aware, manage yourself, and demonstrate empathy for your team an yourself. Work on developing the social skills needed to share what’s going on with your team(s). This will enable you to be leader assertive for others. 

Understand that it is not only okay, but necessary to invest in rest; the undercurrent of today’s stress takes its toll. Check in with your people, often. Connect on how they’re doing, don’t settle for one-word responses–they’re not good enough!

Focussing on accountability to move the needle (forward).

Notice who is stepping up and recalibrate their role to provide them the space to grow and develop during this time of change.

Distinguish the silent quitters (i.e., those who have mentally quit but are still working). Strive to understand their “why” and make sure you are leading them appropriately–with support in the way they need. Use your insights to hold others accountable.

Providing quality to next level leaders. 

Feedback, feedforward, and follow-up. Noticing past behaviors, making suggestions for the future, and assessing progress. This interactive, three-step process ensures feedback is more than a one-and-done.

Change breeds change. If you are simply rinsing and repeating, you aren’t doing what’s required.

Seek feedback on what is working well and what needs improvement, then test it out. Innovate during change. What else? Follow up weekly. Connection is key! 

Consistently adhering to these 6 key indicators will ensure you lead through change successfully! 

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