Victoria Powers

Victoria Powers

I had submitted several applications to larger firms. Coming from a boutique firm in Toronto, I was having difficulty getting the attention of larger firms, though I know I was able to do the work they wanted.  I thought having a recruiter assist might be able to get my resume in front of larger firms and have them consider me as a more serious candidate. My experience with Orit was excellent. Orit had contacted me about several positions for associates in the past year. She was engaging and friendly, and I always felt like she was on my side by really putting her all into getting me noticed. When I eventually interviewed for my current role, she answered all of my questions about the interview process and kept me informed about how I was doing. Overall, I think it really helped myself and the firm find the correct fit. Orit calmed some of my nerves post-interview about concerns that I had and helped me realize that my experience was fairly common for associates of my year level. It was helpful to know and helped me feel confident in proceeding with the next round of interviews. I had been approached by a few recruiters in the past, however I found that they often had positions I was not interested in (roles that were at firms smaller than I wanted) or they would become non-communicative if I did not want to interview for a position. ZSA (and Orit) would always reach out if she thought I was a good fit for a role, even if I had turned down other opportunities and ZSA knew my focus was on working at a mid-sized firm. It was great that I didn’t have to follow up with Orit every few months for positions – she was helpful in finding me roles before they were even posted and really helped to ease the process (in a pandemic no less) that is already quite stressful!  It definitely showed me the value of recruiting services over traditional job websites.


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