I was placed as an associate and dealt with Orit. I have had a close relationship with Orit for the last year or so, and have always kept in contact with possible opportunities. While some opportunities didn’t always feel like the right fit, Orit was always there to make sure opportunities were presented. Prior to ZSA, I contacted my network and had difficulty in landing another position. My experience was excellent and Orit  was ON IT! When push came to shove, she advocated hard for me and it did not go unnoticed. When I had another offer on the table, Orit ensured we moved quickly so I didn’t lose the amazing opportunity I was given. I truly felt like she was always looking out for me, keeping me informed, and did her very best to ensure I landed at my new home. I am so glad I listened to Orit’s concerns and I am very excited for my future at my new home! What was of particular value to me was that Orit’s network is unmatched. She knows everyone;  she knows who to talk to;  and, she does her absolute best to get you in front of the necessary people to show your face and show them who you are. Orit was always interested in hearing how I felt after each interview and always wanted to know where my head was at. I have used other recruiters in the past, but Orit was always the recruiter I knew that would find me my next forever home. ZSA is extremely organized, professional, and takes great care with their candidates to ensure they feel that their recruiter is truly advocating for their success.


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