I was placed as a lawyer and dealt with Mike.  I had left the law for a while and was looking to get back into practice.  I happened to come across a ZSA ad in regard to this position and reached out.  The really attractive thing about it was that the ad indicated that the position was one where I wouldn’t have to rebuild a client base – the firm already had this in place. It was so helpful for me to know what they were looking for from the get-go as I find so many job postings are so unclear that you can end up going down a path only to learn that it isn’t what you are looking for (thereby wasting not only your own time but the others involved too).  Mike was excellent and very responsive and he made sure to make himself available to me, which I greatly appreciated.  I also did not feel like he was pushy with me and was really trying to let me determine if this was a good match.  When we spoke, he was engaging and kind, and was very much on top of what was going on.  If there was an area where he wasn’t sure of the answer, he would find out.  Overall, I really enjoyed dealing with Mike!  I really appreciated his straightforwardness in telling me about the firm’s situation and why they were looking for someone, etc.  It really helped me to figure out if this was something I would like to pursue.  Also, there was a point where I wasn’t quite sure how to broach one aspect of work (commuting/working remotely) and Mike was great to walk me through it and then act as a go-between on that issue.  He was also fantastic about following up and checking in with me (both of which I needed!).  I have been contacted, and spoken with, other recruiters in the past, but those interactions have never gone anywhere.


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