Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel

I was placed as Legal Counsel and dealt with Orit Sinai. I engaged with ZSA because I was unsatisfied with the recruiter with whom I was previously conversing. My experience, overall, was exemplary. I enjoyed the entire process and was very lucky to have found Orit. Orit provided colour on every single posting I considered, and recommended steps along the way. Other recruiters don’t even compare to the diligence, guidance, comfort , and support I received from Orit. I spent a few months toying with the idea of making a change at work, but have always been apprehensive about the search and hiring process. I spoke with a few recruiters and always felt either pressured or dismissed. Had I known that working with a recruiter was as easy as working with Orit Sinai, I would’ve made the change a long time ago. Orit took the time to speak with me about my short and long term plans. Instead of sending potential positions whilst pressuring me to accept whatever was available, she took the time to provide an assessment of each role and how it matched, or didn’t match, my values and long term plans; and, if that wasn’t enough, she simply had a roster of positions and exclusive postings that were unmatched by other recruiters.


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