Legal Counsel, Eastern Canadian Operations

Legal Counsel, Eastern Canadian Operations

I was placed in the position of Legal Counsel, Eastern Canadian Operations and dealt with Travis Usher. I responded to an ad in the Ontario Reports by emailing Travis Usher and attaching my resume. Travis contacted me and presented me with options in addition to those advertised in the ORs, which matched my experience and career goals. I engaged ZSA out of an interest in transitioning my career from private practice to move to in-house counsel. Prior to working with ZSA, I had previously applied directly to a municipality and had also been contacted by another recruitment agency regarding a separate opportunity with a municipality, neither of which were successful.  Dealing with Travis was excellent. He is very responsive and helpful and makes himself available at any time during and outside of business hours. Travis is also friendly and approachable and connects with you to learn not just about your relevant experience but also inquires as to what you want out of your career. What was of particular value was his guidance in navigating multiple competing offers and providing timely feedback and advice. Travis also provided strategy on how to maximize my value and negotiate the offers that I received. I have briefly worked with another recruiter/firm, who contacted me for a position in which my experiences aligned. That recruiter subsequently (and abruptly) ceased all communications with me when the potential employer moved on with another candidate. On the contrary, with ZSA, I felt respected throughout and not merely a candidate for a position. Travis worked with me to learn about my goals and then presented multiple postings to me which he believed aligned with my career ambitions. Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with Travis and his team! I again want to thank Travis for his continuous efforts and diligence in working with me to secure an offer and executed agreement. I highly recommend Travis and ZSA!


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