I came to Orit Sinai as a commercial litigation partner at a national Bay Street firm who was looking to make a change. I love my firm (and have been here since I was a student), but I fell out of love with private practice and envisioned joining a top-tier in-house legal team as the next step in my career. From my first call with Orit, I could tell that she “got it”. She understood my objectives, the litigator skillset, my reasons for wanting a change, and the type of environment I was seeking. She was kind and encouraging, and gave me the confidence I needed to take the next step in my career journey. Orit is very well-connected and, as a result, has inroads to incredible opportunities. It just so happened that, on our first call, an opportunity had recently come across her desk with an organization that was perfect for me – a large Canadian company with a national presence, interesting work, competitive compensation, stellar reputation and a growing legal team. It was also close to home. Orit talked me through the details of the opportunity – everything from compensation, to hours, to the interview process. She also anchored those details within the wider market context so I could understand how the opportunity compared with others. Orit was also transparent about what she knew about the organization’s culture, reporting structure and the specific individuals that I would be reporting into. She carefully answered all of my questions (while respecting the confidentiality of the client); patiently coached me through the interview process; and, expertly facilitated the negotiation of an employment offer that I was ultimately very happy with. Throughout this entire process, Orit was responsive, honest, professional, informative, and never once pressured me to make a decision I was not ready to make. This was exactly the type of career opportunity that I was hoping for, but did not imagine I would get. Finding a suitable in-house role for litigators is rare. Finding an in-house opportunity for a litigator that checks off all of the boxes, and realizing it in a short time period, is near impossible. (Well…unless you have someone like Orit.)


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