Shelton Stuart

Shelton Stuart

Prior to speaking to Amrit, I had been applying for positions on my own but felt that I was spinning my tires, as I was not sure what firms would be interested in someone with my skill set and career goals. I had previously spoken to another recruiter who thought their clients might need someone with my skill set, but nothing had come of it.

Amrit made my job search significantly shorter by suggesting firms who she thought would want someone with my skills. I knew that I wanted to work on large, complex files because I had previously excelled at that work while working on contract at a large firm. However, I had been having very little luck finding openings and securing interviews for that kind of work. I approached ZSA because I thought a recruiter might know what companies had the kind of openings I was looking for. After reviewing my career summary and other materials, Amrit suggested I interview with several firms and within a few weeks, I had a job offer.  I was very happy with my experience dealing with Amrit, she was excellent and I would use her again.


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