I am now an Associate Counsel at a national firm, responsible for the China practice. I engaged ZSA before, in 2004, when I was placed at then Lang Michener. I reached out to ZSA as I thought ZSA had the resources and expertise I needed. I had a very good experience working with ZSA. First, they followed up with me after another ZSA consultant I had contacted before left. Second, they were very patient and tolerant of my delay in response or wavering through the course of over half a year. If they had not followed up with me again and again, I’d have given up pursuing further discussions with their recommended firm(s). Third, I was able to talk to ZSA frankly about my feelings, concerns and requirements. Finally, they were very helpful in the offer stage – trying to obtain the best offer for me, finalizing the offer details and getting the offer signed off on time. I was approached by a couple of other recruiters outside of Canada but they were not comparable to ZSA. One recruiter was upset when I decided not to pursue further discussion with a recommended firm. I cannot think of anything that would have improved my experience. I would definitely engage the services of ZSA again in the future.

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