5 Reasons Why your Company Should Deal with a Recruiter

5 Reasons Why your Company Should Deal with a Recruiter

15 July, 2015

Working with an experienced professional recruiter provides many benefits to employers. Here are five key benefits employers get from working with a recruitment firm:

Access to the best candidates

Recruiters have a tremendously broad pool of talent to draw from. What’s more, they can attract the best talent. Many job seekers are employed; for them, confidentiality is top of mind. Usually, they are not conducting an active job search, but rather are conducting a passive, confidential search through a recruiter. These potential candidates are often apprehensive about putting their name forward directly to an employer, whereas they usually are comfortable working with a recruiter. By working with a professional recruiter, employers get access to these highly desirable candidates they would not otherwise. This is particularly useful for specialized or other hard-to-fill positions.

You can focus on your core business

It is not unusual for an employer to receive hundreds of applications for a single position. Working with a professional recruiter can save you time and money by allowing your employees to do their core jobs rather than screening applications, checking references, interviewing candidates, and everything else relating to personnel selection. A recruiter will vet candidates and only present you a short list of people to interview, all of whom are highly qualified and possess the right soft skills to succeed in your organization.

The position gets filled faster 

Positions that remain unfilled for an extended period negatively impact your bottom line. Lost capacity means missed opportunities. Additionally, the remaining employees are forced to take time away from their own duties in order to cover the vacancy, further hurting productivity. With access to the most qualified candidates, streamlined processes and thorough personnel assessment, a recruiter will help fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. Not only do you get back to business, but you do not have to sacrifice candidate quality to do so, as only the best and brightest applicants are presented to the client.

Expert advice at every step

Recruiters are particularly aware of trends and developments within the industry. They have unmatched insight when it comes to market conditions and salaries. They are also highly knowledgeable in the areas of recruiting, interviewing, candidate selection, and onboarding. In short, they are experts in a number of areas relevant to your search. By choosing to work with a recruiter, employers get to benefit from this expertise.

Guaranteed success 

Most good recruiters will also offer a sort of warranty, or guarantee, on candidates they place. For example, if a permanently placed candidate leaves the employ of the client within the guarantee period, the recruiter will offer a replacement candidate, a credit towards a future placement, or similar. Additionally, many good recruiters, including ZSA Consultants, will work on a contingency basis and you never have an obligation to hire. With this “no success, no fee” model, you have nothing to lose! https://www.zsa.ca/employers/legal/why-using-zsa/

Please be advised that the information in this article is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice on any subject matter. As with all legal issues, we recommend you consult your lawyer. Accordingly, ZSA Legal Recruitment Limited will bear no liability to the reader, in any form. There are no representations or warranties made as to the accuracy or substantive adequacy of any information provided in this article.

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