What to do if the job you applied for/were interviewing for is put “on hold”

What to do if the job you applied for/were interviewing for is put “on hold”

It’s a tough time right now to be on the job hunt. The COVID-19 situation has meant that businesses are trying to deal with an entirely new set of circumstances, which is evolving on a daily basis, and this has naturally resulted in delays to most hiring processes.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Understand that everyone is dealing with this in different ways. There is a need to balance being clear about how interested you are in the position, with being patient and not pushing the decision makers too much, who are already under a great deal of pressure.
  • A number of organizations have instituted a temporary hiring freeze while they assess things; and this doesn’t necessarily reflect their interest in you.
  • Remain flexible in arranging subsequent meetings, whether it be a telephone or video conference meeting (see our post on video conference tips).
  • Keep in contact with your recruiter weekly, but don’t expect us to obtain an immediate response from the company. Internal Human Resources and General Counsels are being pulled in many directions right now and having to triage emails.
  • Don’t take it personally if your job offer is postponed.
  • If it is indeed your dream job, you may elect to wait. But you should contact your recruitment consultant to learn about other opportunities if you are itching to leave.

We know it’s stressful, but we are all in this together. When in doubt, reach out to us, we’re always available to help you.

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