Our Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

Our Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

At ZSA, we are strongly committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusiveness and equal employment opportunities for all. We strive to reflect these values through our internal hiring practices and workplace policies, by providing a supportive work environment and corporate culture that welcomes and embraces individuals of all backgrounds, and in our recruitment efforts on behalf of our valued candidates and clients. 

It has never been more relevant than it is today to continue to push this agenda forward, and make diversity and inclusiveness a top priority for how we approach everything we do, as we believe that this enables us to deliver exceptional service. We aim to match our clients with diverse legal professionals who contribute to the diversification of ideas, and build a workforce of individuals who reflect the world around them. 

We are dedicated to continuing to educate ourselves about bias, racism, and discrimination in all forms, adopting inclusive recruitment strategies, and identifying new opportunities to attract and promote a diverse talent pool. We stand in solidarity with those facing racial and other forms of systemic discrimination. It is our goal to be representative of these communities and help individuals facing any form of discrimination to reach their full potential.

Recent events in Collaboration with Blink Equity

ZSA is proud to have partnered with Blink Equity in several events, furthering our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in the legal industry. These initiatives have provided a platform for open dialogue, learning, and understanding. Here are some of our recent collaborations:

Championing One Another:- event

This event was not just about discussing change; it was about celebrating it! We dove into a vibrant atmosphere where networking within the Black community takes center stage. Attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences, champion inclusivity, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded professionals.

CGCA 2022 After Party

The CGCA 2022 After Party was presented by Blink Equity. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as participants embraced the spirit of collaboration and unity. From lively discussions to joyous celebrations, the event provided a dynamic platform for networking and forging new connections.

To honour and celebrate Black History Month, this year, we are partnering with Black Grapes. At ZSA, we are committed to foster a culture of inclusivity and equal opportunities. Join us in this celebration of diversity and unity.

Upcoming Events

Black History Month: BLACK GRAPES

Join us for an evening of celebrating black winemakers and agents from around the world. In wine, the term ‘black grapes’ is used to describe the grapes that go into making red wine. On February 21st, however, we’re using the term to celebrate wines with contributions made by the black community to celebrate Black History Month.


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